Public Health Engineering

Scope of Service:-
» Preparation of Base map
» Survey and Investigation Feasibility , Planning, Design of:-
1) Water Systems.
2) Sewerage Collection System.
3) Storm Water Drainage System.
» Rate Analysis, Detailed Quantity Calculation, BOQ and Cost Estimates
» Preparation of Tender Documentation and Vendor Evaluation
» GIS based Asset Management.

Water Supply, Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage System

» Feasibility study of the proposed system with respect to the demand, environment, supply and other factors. Assessment of Water resources & water supply, preparation of Preliminary Estimate for Municipal Water Schemes.
» Water quality analysis, preparation of engineering study report involving population projection, economic analysis of rising main & distribution system..
» Potable water supply and facility development for low-income dwelling units
» Sewerage development and treatment of sewage .