The Domain Expertise of Gurdev Consultancy Services Group comprises:

Gurdev Consultancy Services Group is an Engineering Consulting Company which possesses Seventeen Years track record of delivering innovative Engineering solutions. The company transforms ideas into reality and provide solutions for the benefit of our clients.

» GIS Driven Software Data creation for Topographic, Cadastral, Environmental and Urban Planning.
» Public Health engineering i.e. Water , Sanitation and Storm Engineering.
» Town Planning and Urban Development.
» Geo - Technical Engineering.
» Highway Engineering.
» Electrical Network Distribution Engineering.
» Assistance in Right of Use and Permitting.

» Digital Topographical Land Survey, Cadastral Mapping, and Hydrographic Surveys.
» Geo-technical engineering and Soil Investigation.
» GIS Data conversion and maintenance.
» Route Planning and generation of GIS database.
» Detection of UNDER GROUND UTILITIES using Ground Penetration Radar (GPR), and other associated Tools.
» Terrain Evaluation and Geological Appraisal.
» Exploration, Mine Survey and Exploration.

Latest Projects

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