Geotechnical, Soil Investigations & Foundation Engineering

Scope of Service:-
» Foundation Design, Engineering and Recommendations.
» Slope Stability Analysis and Mitigation
» Consultancy, Laying down Specification for Investigation. Testing , Recommendation, Analysis Recommendation and Reporting for machine foundation , and Tendering .
» Geophysical and Stratification Analysis.
» Extensive vertical, horizontal, inclined drilling operations in all kinds of soil and rock.
» Field and laboratory testing as per IS standards including Standard Penetration Test, Vane Shear Test, Test pits, density, index properties, compaction parameters, tri -axial , direct shear, consolidation ,sampling ( Undisturbed, Split spoon, piston and core )etc.
» Vertical and Cyclic Plate Load Test, Static and Dynamic Cone Penetration Test, Permeability Test, Block vibration Test.
» Pile Load Tests- vertical , uplift, lateral and compressive.